How to Write a Business Letter

A business letter is one of the formal or professional ways of communicating with the people in the business and corporate world. It is also used for delivering or requesting accurate and specific information from business owners and managers. When writing this type of letter, remember that you need to make a good impression to the reader. In addition, it is necessary to go straight to the point since businesspeople are usually preoccupied with issues that are important to their professional lives.

Discussed below are the pointers that you should keep in mind when writing a business letter.


There are simple but effective steps that you need to follow to make a well-written letter. First, you should determine the main aim behind penning the letter. Second, you should cite facts that can support the information that you need to present to the recipient. Third, it is necessary to have a fair idea about the personality of the reader. Fourth, learn the basic layout of a business letter. Fifth, know the physical layout that you plan to use.

The Aim

By identifying your objectives for writing the letter, you can clearly state the information that you need to present to the reader. The aim can be reprimanding one of your staff or inquiring for a job posting. Whatever the objective, always remember to state it clearly and accurately.

The Facts

To get the attention of the reader, you should present facts that will support your claims. For instance, if the reason for sending the letter is to inform the recipient about late credit card payment, it is best to attach invoices of the previous purchases of the reader. If the reason for writing the letter is to reprimand your staff, you can attach complaint forms from clients or customers.

The Recipient

To communicate with the reader, it is important to know the personality of the recipient. It is essential that you understand the point of view of the recipient. In this way, it will be easy for you to write in a way that the reader understands.

Basic Layout

The basic layout of a business letter includes a letterhead, the recipient’s name and address as well as the date. After writing these, you need to start the letter with a salutation. The body of the letter must contain the subject matter and reference. Do not forget to include your signature and full name at the last part of the letter.

Additional Facts and Other Helpful Tips

Before writing a letter, it is advantageous to know the basic formats that you can use, which are the blocked style, the semi-blocked style and the indented style. It is also important to avoid using words or jargon that the recipient may not understand. Finally, write in short sentences to avoid being misunderstood or misinterpreted.